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Automate your Crypto trading with High-Frequency Trading Robots.

Put your Crypto investing on autopilot. Our High-Frequency Trading (HFT) algorithms use your Cryptocurrency to maximize profit regardless of trend direction.

Let our team of experts increase your holdings with our human-supervised automated trading strategies.

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Profit from every market movement.

Our A.I.-based robots place trades at insanely high speeds at over 6,000 trades per month. This allows us to generate steady returns over extended periods of time for our clients.

Our algorithms will automatically set Buy and Sell orders when the price moves and there is an opportunity to make a profit.

Our software uses machine learning protocols that process large amounts of historical and current market data to ensure maximal results. Data is power.

Our experts will determine the algorithms that match your risk profile and completely manage your portfolio using our proprietary software.

Let us assess your potential gains.

Book a call with our experts and instantly get a back-tested estimation of how much profits our software can accumulate for you.

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Connect to your Exchange Account.

Your assets will be managed through your own Cryptocurrency exchange accounts. Our software will connect to your exchange account using API. This allows us to place Buy and Sell orders. We cannot move or withdraw your assets.

Our systems are able to connect to Binance, FTX, Coinbase Pro, Kucoin, OKEX, and over 20 other crypto exchanges.

Why choose us?

We provide a completely hands-off solution that provides you with passive gains. Zero effort is required from your side.

Increase Your Holdings

On average our proprietary algorithmic trading strategies increase your crypto portfolio with an average of 244% gain per year, which amounts to a 0.67% gain per day.

Download our report below for a detailed overview.

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Consistent Profits

Our robots generate consistent profits, regardless of market conditions. There’s no charge if the robots do not generate profits.

We invoice a performance-based commission after each month of trading. No profit, no pay.

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Safe & Secure

You have full ownership of your Cryptocurrencies. To place Buy and Sell orders our platform simply needs to be connected to your Exchange account using an API.

Our software integrates with for Binance, FTX, KuCoin, OKEX, and over 20 other exchanges.

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Frequently Asked Questions.

Can I invest any amount?2021-11-21T04:38:25+00:00

We require a minimum investment amount of $20,000. Due to the limited bandwidth capacity of our High-Frequency Trading (HFT) algorithms, and overhead for onboarding & account management, we require a one-time sign-up fee. This sign-up fee is based on the total Assets Under Management (AUM).

Will my portfolio be monitored?2021-12-04T10:01:25+00:00

Yes, your account manager, our developers, and our traders all monitor the performance of our portfolios to ensure that your profits are maximized and risk is managed optimally.

Can everyone use your services?2021-11-20T07:59:22+00:00

Yes, our services are suitable for anyone that wants to generate a steady stream of passive income through their wealth. We take care of every aspect, making sure that you don’t have to worry about trading or the current rate of Cryptocurrencies.

You have full access to your exchange account(s) and you can review what’s going on at any moment in time.

How do I pay for your services?2021-12-04T09:15:32+00:00

We charge a performance-based fee after each month of trading. We charge merely over the profits the robots generate for you. After each month of trading, you will receive an invoice that has to be paid in stablecoin within 3-5 days. If payment is delayed, we will simply temporarily disable your account.

Example: your portfolio size for our automated trading strategies equals $100,000. The profit the robots have generated for the month amounts to 20%. This equals $20,000. We will charge a performance fee of 25%, which amounts to $5,000. Leaving you with $15,000 in monthly profit. 

Are there any extra expenses?2021-12-04T09:29:26+00:00

We require a one-time sign-up fee based on the investment package you’ve chosen. This includes a full assessment of your portfolio, matching your risk profile with the correct strategies, and enabling sufficient algorithm bandwidth for your accounts robots.

We also charge a performance-based commission based on the size of your trading portfolio.

What our customers say about us.

We are truly dedicated to our customer’s satisfaction and results. Every dollar added to your portfolio truly brightens up our day and brings a smile to our face.

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If you’re interested in having us look at your portfolio to assess what kind of gains you could make and what algorithmic trading strategy would work best for you, please book a free consultation below.

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